Filip Wojciechowski, Justyna Galant
The piano duo of Filip Wojciechowski and Justyna Galant, who are a married couple, inaugurated its artistic activity during the International Schubert Festival organized in Bern in Switzerland. The couple performs in Poland and abroad, in such countries as Germany, France,Switzerland and Hungary. They have participated in prestigious music festivals, including the International Chopin Festival in Warsaw, the Iternational festival "Music in Flowers" organized in Powsin, as well as the G.Cziffra International Festival in Senlis in France. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of death of Frederick Chopin, the piano couple has participated in the series of concerts "Live renditions of all piano works of Frederick Chopin "organized at the F.Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.

In 2000, the duo performed during the presentation of Polish science and culture at the International Sciene Center in Geneva(CERN). In May 2001, the couple made a recording of their concert in Berlin for German record company, "Sachsische Tontrager". This record contains the works of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Gershwin, as well as the premiere rendition of the opus of Milosz Magin "Divertimento", wich the composer dedicated to both pianist.




Review from an April 2002 concert in the
Lodz Philharmonic: "A certain French critic once wrote, in describing a duet's playing, that 'one heart beats in them'". Both pianists are characterised by strong temperament, brilliance and excellent technical proficiency. The artists showed off not only their fluent mastery, but also their intelligence in their sensitive interpretations, among others, of Rachmaninoff's Barcarolla in G minor and Shostakovich's Concertina. They performed Chopin's Rondo in C major beautifully, with romantic flights..." From a concert at the
Blue Note in Poznan: "...they felt splendid in a lyrical mainstream Chopin etude as well as a swinging Mazurka. And they uncovered so much jazz dynamism in Bach. All of this made the atmosphere of that evening unique, and the public long refused to part with the musicians..."
"Gazeta Poznanska"